Al Jazeera Breaks Ranks Amidst US Black-Out

By on October 12, 2012 in Debates, Media Coverage

Al Jazeera Breaks Ranks Amidst US Black-Out


Chicago. In what some are calling an obvious sign that America’s election system is broken, Qatar-based broadcasting company Al Jazeera announced it will be airing the US opposition Presidential debate. In contrast, the alliance of US media outlets continues to enlist a strict media black-out of independent and opposition party candidates and will not air the otherwise widely-viewed event.

While America tunes in to watch the Republican and Democratic Parties debate each other over America’s corporate-owned airwaves, the 42% of voters who identify themselves as ‘independents’ will instead be tuning in to Al Jazeera. The upcoming first, and possibly only, opposition Presidential debate is being blacked-out by US media outlets nationwide.

Most Americans will only be allowed to see what is being known as the ‘establishment’ Presidential Debates. Managed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Republican and Democratic backed organization has had the sole authority to decide which candidates and parties are invited to the all-important nationally televised debates. And for a quarter century, they have never once allowed anyone other than Republican and Democratic Party candidates to participate.

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